HemoTypeSC Has a CE Mark and is Registered in India, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia

Procedure Detail V2

Step 1

Using Dropper Pipette, add six (6) drops of water to Test Vial. Place Test Vial in a compatible rack. 1.5-mL test tubes may also be used.

Step 1 - Insert six drops of water into Test Vial using Transfer Pipette.

Step 2

Obtain blood sample – a small drop is sufficient (about one microliter). Touch the white pad below the blue cover of the Blood Sampling Device to blood sample, until the white pad absorbs blood droplet.

Step 2: Transfer ~one microliter of blood into the water within the Test Vial, using Blood Transfer Device.

Step 3

Insert Blood Sampling Device into Test Vial and swirl to mix.

A. Sufficient swirling is essential for blood to be properly transferred into Test Vial.

B. Check visually to ensure that water has become pink or light-red in color.

C. Leave Blood Sampling Device inside the Test Vial water after swirling.

Step 3: Swirl Test Vial to ensure that blood is sufficiently transferred into the water (look for water to turn "pink-ish" in color).  Leave Blood Transfer Device inside the Test Vial.

Step 4

Insert HemoTypeSC™ Test Strip into Test Vial with arrows pointing DOWN.

Step 4: Insert HemoTypeSC Test Strip into Test Vial.

Step 5

Wait 10 minutes.


Step 5: Wait 10 minutes.

Step 6

Take HemoTypeSC™ Test Strip out of the Test Vial and read results.


Step 6: Take HemoTypeSC Test Strip out of Test Vial and read results.