HemoTypeSC Has a CE Mark and is Registered in India, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia

Nigerian Health Ministry Introduces POC Testing

Nigerian officials reveal how the country loses over 150,000 newborns to sickle cell disease every year. OakTV presents a report on the accuracy of HemoTypeSC™, a new diagnostic solution that tests for the disease in 10 minutes.

From the video - Dr. Alayo Sopekan: "This presentation is to bring to us the results to see the effectiveness of what we call point-of-care testing [with HemoTypeSC™] for sickle cell disease in Nigeria. And as you are aware, Nigeria has the highest mortality of the disease in the whole world."

"For young couples, as you saw in my presentation, we need to step up our advocacy. We need to advocate to marriage counselors and the marriage registries... before you [start a family], know your Hb genotype."

Source: OakTV - Nigerian News TV

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