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Experts Advocate Newborn Screening for Sickle Cell

Professor Obiageli Nnodu, sickle cell disease expert from the University of Abuja, describes the current status of sickle cell disease in Nigeria and the results from early testing with HemoTypeSC™.

From the video: Sickle Cell Disease is one of the top five non-communicable diseases in Nigeria, accounting for more than 50% of deaths among carriers. About 10 - 40% of Nigerian adults are healthy carriers of the defective S gene, leaving the country with a ~2% prevalence rate.

Professor Nndou: "About 1.8 to 2 % of Nigerians have sickle cell. That's why you detect it at birth. As you start going to adulthood to screening adults, you find that the prevalence is much less. And this is because you find that a lot of them have died."

Nigeria has six zonal centers for sickle cell control, yet the disease remains endemic – leaving an annual infant death rate of over 150,000 in its wake.

Source: SilverBird TV