HemoTypeSC Has a CE Mark and is Registered in India, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Saudi Arabia

"Good news for Ivorian people. Now, they can know their hemoglobin status..."


Good news for Ivorian people. Now, they can know their hemoglobin status thanks to the HemoTypeSC test, a rapid process for screening for sickle cell disease that has performed well in several African countries.  Authorized in Ivory Coast after a study conducted by the hematology services of the central laboratory of the University Hospital Medical Center at Treichville, in collaboration with the National Program for the Control of Metabolic Diseases and Prevention of Noncommunicable Diseases, [the HemoTypeSC test] will detect early disease and preserve the lives of children and their parents.  On November 6th, during the workshop to report the feasibility study for this new technique for rapid mass screening of the disease, at the CRRAE-UEMOA building in the Plateau, experts from the field of have given reasons and opportunities for this new practice.  For Professor Sanogo Ibrahima, head of Hematology Department at Chu Yopougon stated that “it is a very innovative process that determines hemoglobin phenotype.”  Additionally it is a rapid test, different from the traditional exam which, for the moment, is only done by the health professionals. Eugène Aka-Aouélé, Minister of Health and Dr. ADOUENI Katché Valéry, Coordinating Director of the National Program for Metabolic Diseases and NCD Prevention, have stated that the new process will enable Ivory Coast to take a step forward in the fight against sickle cell disease.  He welcomed the researchers who conducted the study that led to the establishment of the HemoTypeSC.